What happened here?

I have never seen this before. What happened?

Try to focus the camera. I can’t see it from here:-)

Oh, ya that, I haven’t seen that in a while either.:slight_smile:

Sorry, Having trouble shrinking the pics.
It is like the buss snaped off were the deposits are.

Looks like a tool mark. . .

You’d have to ask the guy who did it, and he probably won’t admit to it.

Looks like a grounded wire or a grounded tool came in contact with the tail end of the buss there. It’s certainly an isolated event, and not a symptom of something ongoing.

I assumed that it is man-made. The curent owners claim that they know of nothing wrong, even the deteriorated asbestos coverd pipes in the basement storage room. Nope, no environmental hazard there.

By the looks of the box mounting hole I would say the the box is upside down. BUT I have seen threads here somewhere saying that that may not be a problem.
Your mileage may vary.


It looks like a completed circuit to me.:mrgreen:

I would say that the sparky saw sparks
:roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

The bushing was an extra in the panel just lying there.

Thank you all for your responses.