Free insurance for Canadian InterNACHI members, plus some new benefits.

Print off your card too…

FYI, the new benefits coming soon, that Schuyler spoke of near the end of the show, will be available for Canadians as well or I won’t buy them.

Thanks alot Nick, another fantastic benefit.:slight_smile:


More coming.

Thanks Nick another reason INACHI is tops

How can this benefit Canadians when any insurance sold of any kind in Ontario or Canada must be licensed and have a Canadian Office? Is this another offer that actually won’t take off but done to charm the Canadian Members into thinking they are worthy and will benefit when in fact like most offerings made fizzle out or never materialize?

Way to go, Nick.

There was a post on here yesterday in regards to the AD&D Benefits purchased by INACHI not being possible for Canadian Members. Canadian Members are absolutely eligible for these benefits, I’ve verified as such with the Underwriting Dept. of AIG. I encourage all Canadian INACHI members to visit and scroll down to the lower left hand side of the web page and click on the spot where the cards come up and can be printed.

Thanks again to Nick Gromicko for purchasing and providing this coverage to all InterNACHI members.

Nick … You Da Man!:stuck_out_tongue:

This is just one more of many, many examples of why NACHI is the Association to join!

The countless FREE benefits, Plus…the vast amount of FREE technical expertise that is available on the Technical Forums more than justifies our yearly membership dues.

Keep Up the GOOD Work! :nachi: :nachi:

Schuyler writes:

Thanks Schuyler.

Frank…lets not forget the entertainment value. What, with endless saga’s, drama queens and the abounding comedy, who the heck needs a TV?

I have tried to get the card but when I click the link I only get a bit of blue on the left but no card shows up. Am I doing something wrong?


Send me an email and I will email the card to you.

Sent it

Thanks again

You’re all set Doug, nice to work with you.

Thanks Schuyler.

What kind of insurance are we talking about Nick?

One is accidental death and disability and one coming which is like workman’s comp.