Group Insurance package for Ontario members.

Group Insurance package for Ontario members:

Thanks for your support of the Ontario Inspectors Nick

This program sounds perfect. I would enroll however I already have coverage with another provider.

I hope this will come together as I may enroll next year.

Great work by the directors of OntarioACHI!


Thanks Doug, it’s taken about 8 months of hard work on this one. I will answer questions on the program (up to the limit of my knowledge) either here, on OntarioACHI message board or via email, but I strongly advise people to phone Dwayne at Mac Vanderhout as he is the best person to discuss all the benefits.

We are working to see if there’s some way we can extend this to All Ontario InterNACHI members and still provide the demanded management facility via our systems. I’ll let you know if this changes. We are still hoping to have news on E&O insurance soon too.

This one has taken about 2 years of my life’s spare time so I’m pushing hard to get a result.

Thank you Doug!

Best regards,

Great hope it works out Thanks… Roy

Woah, wait, I’m in Nova Scotia, I wanna be in on this plan!!

Can someone from OntarioACHI get in touch with me? We have E&O + this type of insurance and MUCH MORE to offer the rest of Canadian InterNACHI members?

Gilles, Still waiting for the promised documentation from the insurer. We still have nothing concrete to compare from the program you are promoting.

The groups benefits program is still on offer. So far we’ve got 3 people interested enough to phone the insurer.

We are working with them to keep the offer open until we’ve got the required minimum number.