Group photo - Pro Lab in Toronto

Here is a group photo of the 1st group of graduates (I think we all graduated) at the Toronto Pro-Lab mould (mold in the U.S.) course. Requested by several of you that attended the course.

Cheers and enjoy, :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

George Mendes

PROLABMOLD2 (Small).jpg

If any of you in the picture want a larger version I will email it to you directly. Just contact me and I’ll take care of it.


George Mendes

Actually, it is ‘moho’ in many parts of the U.S. such as L.A., Phoenix, Houston, etc. :smiley:

Wow, a good turn out!


I attended the Sunday course it was the same turn out.

A great job by all.

George, please send us a “hi-res” picture.


You guys where so lucky You got your shirts .
We the next day had a great group too but our shirts did not make it to canada in time .
What a good instruction it was and the NACHI members treated those who where not well .
The only complaints I heard was from the Members of the other Canadian Association saying how lucky the NACHI members are as they never get treatment like this from their association.
A HUGE amount of information free class and food too and a special Pto-Lab price on many things.
Welcome to Canada Pro-Lab Glad to see you will have your own place in Vaughn on the North end of Toronto November 1st…
Thanks Doug Caprio and Pro-Lab.
And thanks to the well over 100 Home Inspectors who attended .
More pictures to arrive shortly .Nick has them now.
Roy Cooke

I guess so, likely because they weren’t dinged for $399 to take a course!



I have about six t shirts from pro-lab,Doug gave them to me in Vegas remind me to give you a couple next time I see you!

Thanks another thing that is so great about NACHI is this treatment from one member to another .
This BB where the new inspector asks the question and some gives help even though the same question has been asked many times before .
Help for me and help for all .
Thanks to all those who use this BB it is nice .

No where else does this happen and open to all.

Roy Cooke A Happy NACHI member


Stop you are going to make me cry! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

It’s true with NACHI, alot of H.I.'s like to badmouth alot of other H.I’s in this industry. I’ve never once found that with NACHI members, it seems like one big happy functional family. Is that an OXI-MORON?


George Mendes

Too late…:cry:


Thank you for the email with the large photo.

Having fun painting mustaches, beards and party hats on everyone.:smiley:

Now when my accountant asks for receipts for expenses that weekend, I’ll show her the picture. :smiley:

Good thinking I might do the same since I’m being audited!