Mould Lab Comming

Pro lab will be opening a lab in the Toronto area to help all home inspectors who do Mould testing and Possiblity Radon too . They are able to supply Home Inspectors with much help and equipment at very competive prices and great service stay tuned for more infomation shortly.
They Hope to have it ready for June first or sooner .

Roy Cooke A HAPPY NACHI Member.

I have yet to be called for mould inspection, let alone Radon. Given the lack of demand for such service will this fly?

Forgive me but what is the purpose of taking mould samples and having them tested?

If I see mould in my house I remove it. I don’t know or care what kind it is. Its not like I’m going to test it and say “oh! this is only such-'n-such mould so I’m going to leave it there”:roll: I would want it gone no matter what kind it is.

Fighting Mold — The Homeowners’ Guide


You hit the nail on the head. The best guidelines in my opinion are CMHC. Find the water and correct. Remove damaged sections, clean-up, and replace. All mould is considered bad.

Mould testing only indicates there is mould and what type. It does not tell you whether the person living in the house is hyper sensitive, only a doctor can diagnose that.

I am only sorry you two and others where not able to come to the Brantford meeting.
I had the privilege to take Dr John D.Stone ( A scientist ) in my car from Toronto .
I had a considerable talk with him both ways and also listened to him at the Meeting.
I have paid big money to take two of the ( very expensive) CMHC indoor air courses and I like others are always interested in increasing my knowledge.

The two CMHC Instructors had different ideas from each other on air and moulds.

I will be going to take the Pro-lab NACHI mould course if possible and then see how I feel.
This like most NACHI courses are free for NACHI and open to all.

My feeling at this time is that I will be a more valuable Inspector and expect I might find that YES there is a need for inspectors that are trained in Mould Radon and other things.

I was exceptional pleased with Pro-lab and am sure many others will be too.
It is knowledge and open minds that are putting the NACHI members to the front of the industry.
We had a long time inspector who flew in from Fredericton N.B. to this meeting and he said to me that the Plane cost was worth the trip and how much he enjoyed the education and NACHI members.
We had some members from another association and one told me they where impressed and would be joining NACHI.
Roy Cooke A HAPPY NACHI MEMBER Tried it and liked it.

Mould testing may not be for the average HI. However, for those of us in the Restoration/Remediation business it is crucial. Mould testing before, during & after remediation give you an indicator of your success in removing the mould. While we may use a Industrial Hygienist for “Clearance testing” I’ll often test myself to give me an idea how my project is going. Also, Ive used air-o cell testing to discover hidden mould when NONE was visible to the eye or nose. Doug

Good morning to all:

I attended the mold training in Rochester last weekend and received the certification for taking samples. If nothing else, I gained some very valuable knowledge. Tyrone and Doug I may be of assistance if you like.



If this course about testing for the presence of mould or is it about identifing the species of mould?
Is it some of both and if so which is emphisied?

No way could it be teaching you about identifying the species in one day there are many many thousands of different moulds . This class as far as I can see will give you the ability to properly identify if there could be a mould concern and then show you the proper way to take a sample making sure you do it correctly filling in the proper forms making sure you know how to take a sample and not contaminate not take a sample that could have too many spores in it sending it properly to the lab and then giving you the results.
There is considerable more then just going in a taking a sample knowing where when and how from what I saw is more then ten minutes of instruction.
Do it improperly and you could be the person needing big help in with your defense.

Roy Cooke NACHI where Members help members Constantly .


Sorry Paul still Looking have nothing to report except there is a large group of Home inspectors that want to get more information.

The more I hear,
the more I see!
NACHI is the one for me !
Roy Cooke R.H.I.
A HAPPY NACHI MEMBER,… More find this out ever day!

Thanks for putting this together Roy

I have to agree with that statement. I too am uncertain as to the benefits of lab test for identification. But, what about doing a spore count?

I agree with the statement also. However, there are times when the mould is not readily visible. It’s one thing to see obvious water damage and suspect that there may be mould or even see the mould growth. There have been cases when there has been an indoor air quality problem with the occupants suffering from various sinus and lung problems and there are no visible signs of a problem. The only way to check is with an air sample test of some form. These tests are not for everyone. However, if you are a person who suffers from allergies or asthma, like my wife and daughter do, they can be very important in determining what the cause of the problem is and how to remedy the situation. . As Dr. Shane stated at the chapter meeting…it is a quality of life issue.

I can’t wait for Pro-lab to start-up here. I can’t get an adequate answer from anyone yet, if the samples will be stopped or held at the border.The sooner the lab opens the better.Sean