Mold Class Cancelled - Thanks ALOT

Hey guys

I was just informed the mold class was cancelled. I personally purchased a plane ticket to get there and back on the same day. Now this ticket is worthless to me. How many others reserved hotel rooms and plane tickets only to be told that due to big demand it is going to be moved. This is crap.

Thanks PRO LABS! NOT!!!


Dear Valued Customer,

Due to an overwhelming response to the first PRO-LAB Canadian Mold Certification class we are forced to postpone our September 16th class and move it to larger facility in order to accommodate the growing number of attendees.

On a separate note, we are proud to announce that as of Friday September 8, 2006, the purchase of PRO-LAB’s new laboratory located in the Toronto area was completed. Now it will be possible for Canadian inspectors to experience the same professional level of service that thousands of US inspectors have enjoyed for years.

The dates of the new class and the Grand Opening of our laboratory will be posted in the near future at

We apologize for the inconvenience,

James E. McDonnell


I receive the email tonight. I reserved a hotel room for the weekend fortunately I can still cancel without pentally.

Hummm, why didn’t my quote work?

You never ended the quote…"**/**quote"

You only typed “quote”, it’s easy to forget the “/

I alos received the same notification last night. This will be the thrid time the date the date has changed and yes it does erk me. I will be patient as I understand it supposed to be a good course. Orginally ProLabs said if there was enough of a demand that they would add another date.

Craig, communitcate you situation to ProLabs. I’m not saying you’ll get reimbersed for your ticket but if enough people are in similar situations such as you mentioned with hotel rooms, perhaps they will reconsider.

Jamie will be at our Barrie meeting next Wednesday and is bringing more door prizes (coupons for free mold testing) than you can fathom. Don’t miss it:

We’ve shuffled things around and Dr. Shane will also be doing a mini-mold talk that evening too. Don’t miss it:

Craig, fax me your paid ticket receipt to (650) 429-2057. I got you your money back.


Thank you so much. I apologize for posting such a hasty message. I am very impressed you took the time to do this. 9500 members and still this kind of personal attention.



And some people wonder why the NACHI members love NACHI so much .
I was a member of another association and never ever saw them say sorry even when they where proven very very wrong by many different members many times .
Roy Cooke NACHI sure is the BEST

I’ll tell you a funny story. I won’t use his name but you can figure it out. One of our chapter Presidents who is a FEMA inspector got called out when hurricane Katrina hit, 2 days before his big chapter meeting, which of course we cancelled. Despite emailing all the RSVPs and posting all over this site, 4 members who didn’t read their emails or visit still drove to get to the meeting, only to be told at the door that it had been cancelled. To this day all 4 enjoy lifetime membership for free (no dues ever). Going to that cancelled meeting was probably the most profitable trip they ever took :slight_smile: .


You are a first class act.I also signed up for the course but have not been inconvenienced by the cancellation.I understand Greg’s frustration.The one thing I don’t understand is if there is more demand for the one day course why not do 2,3 or more classes?If the demand is there,what does PRO LAB want to do,fill a class of 150 students?I really think the students will get more out of a smaller class max. 35 students.And besides you have nothing to apologize for,this was not your doing!!

My thoughts

I would also prefer to see multiple smaller classes but I understand that it is more cost effect for ProLAbs to have one larger class even if they had to pay a cancellation fee for the hotel. Remember, that ProLabs usually charges $99 US (what’s that, about $130 or so Can) for the course that they offer to do for us for FREE!

I got a call from Doug Caprio last evening to ask me if he could have a few minutes at the Barrie meeting to explain Pro Lab’s position on why the class was postponed, not cancelled. He will be there next Wed. to speak to us. He also promised some really good deals on testing equipment due to the last minute postponement. Hang in there people, the new date looks to be the end of Oct. and when we here what Doug has to say I am sure it will all make sense.

Craig said…

You can be damn sure OAHI would not ever help a member in this manner. As a matter of fact Craig look how OAHI treated you through the corrupt auspicies of Mr. Faux and his tag team zealot directors!

OAHI-CAHPI sure could take a page from NACHI on professionalism, and membership service!

VI VA LA NACHI DIFFERENCE!!! :slight_smile:

Nick you exmplify service and professionalism.


The cost would be about $118.00 CAD I appreciate the fact that it is cost affective for PRO LAB to hold larger classes.I have paid as much as $375.00 for a similar course.I [we] thank them for the free course,but you and I both know this is a marketing strategy,which is o.k. I know how things work.The larger classes do not make any sense to me.I have a feeling this will be a lecture type setting.I guess I will find out in Barrie!! See you there Paul.


Looking forward to meeting everyone in Barrie!