Could this be a Grow Operation?

Walked into this on the last inspection of the year!

at least they are neat or it looks that way

Looks interesting. From what I have seen on TV the growers will do their best to hide the operation. These operations consume a lot of power and need to hide the usage by bypassing the elect meter. There is also a lot of humidity required and mold will be a byproduct.


Did you have to smoke it all? Couldn’t share with the rest of us eh?;-):mrgreen:

Seriously, was the house vacant at the time? If so, surprised usually they dispose of the evidence before leaving.

Look’s like they were just getting setup to begin.

Looks like it was it a rental Mario?
Sometimes they paid cash with no name offer enough dollars gets you a lot. ( no trails)

boy that is pretty silver wallpaper a timer for the lights to

Not anymore!!!:frowning:
Not Yet:mrgreen:


Correct Jeffrey

The neighbours called police when they suspected something was wrong. The police shut this one down but not before these criminals caused thousands of dollars worth of damage. The distribution panel that you see is tapped before the meter. The foundation walls have been compromised as well. They literally dug a trench to discharge warm moist air away from the house.
I truly believe these guys had intentions of occupying this house with their little garden in full operation at the basement level.

The panel next to the garage stairs is the main distribution panel to the house. The distribution panel that you see at the right is the new tapped distribution panel they installed. Very sophisticated operation! IMO this is not the first time these criminals have set up such an operation……and will most likely not be their last.

I agree looks like pros. At least they didn’t get started or the entire house would have been moldy.

another small business nipped in the bud…

… and after somebody promised us “growth”!!!

so much for going green…