Todays radio show

Well another good show .
Unfortunatly the anouncer took the picture when my eyes where closed . I was talking about grow houses and this lady wondered whythey are not listed on a police file some where so people could not make a mistake .
I agree ,some Police dept do list some of the homes .
I hope when I get a copy of the show to have it put up on my blog.
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This is slowly improving but computers do not listen to me so I have to go real slow to get it right

Inspected one just yesterday, a bank repo!

Those pictures don’t say grow-op to me Marcel. They say there’s a problem but not conclusively a grow-op.
You have other clues from the building that would hint towards your conclusion?

There was tampering at the electrical mast / siding area which may indicate a bypass. I didn’t stick my fingers in there to look further because the last time I removed some insulation only to expose live wires.

There was no access to attic…

I didn’t mention a grow-op in my report. I recommended to have access to the attic and inspected prior to purchase, to have an IAQ assessment and remediation by a reputable company and electrical mast looked at by a licensed electrician.

Looks like some of the better student housing I have seen here in Kingston.