Grow Operations in House?

I have a realtor that wants me to check out a house he has listed to ensure it hasn’t been used as a grow operation. Another realtor is telling people it might have been one of seven homes that recently got busted. The seller is an out of town owner who has cleaned the place up. They have inspected it and found no indications but they want another opinion.What can you do to verify whether or not a home has been used as “grow op” in the past?Any advice on this would be appreciated.

You might talk to Caohimin (kee-veen) at or 303-903-7494. They may be able to provide an inspection protocol for possible grow operations.

Believe it or not, as a disaster restoration contractor I had to repair the damage to a grow house. They actually had run garden hose up through the floor into each room and had sprinkler systems and grow lights. The house was in pretty rough shape as you might imagine.

Hello Mr. Frost, and thanks to Mr. Boyett –

Grows are not usually exclusively grows. A while ago, I performed a criminal investigation into the homicide of an infant in a grow. EVERY sample that I collected in the house contained cocaine in addition to the [FONT=Symbol][FONT=Symbol]D[/FONT]9-Tetrahydrocannabinol, (THC); each of the air sample indicators contained methamphetamine.[/FONT]

Depending on your state, there may (or may not be) legislation that mandates specific evaluation procedures. In my state, we have very specific and concise regulations related to drug labs (the definition of which even includes houses wherein meth has “just” been smoked).

If you are interested in reading more on methlab and other kinds of clandestine labs, I have a general discussion at

And I have a detailed discussion of the Colorado regs at

For the houses I’ve busted for grows, I have ALWAYS found other controlled substances in addition to just the dope. So, one doesn’t “just” have a grow, where one has a grow, one has guns, other contamination and possible even booby traps and bombs.

I was part of a police team that executed a warrant yesterday, and in spite of the fact the lab had been “decontaminated” I still found TONS of contamination and even existing drug paraphernalia.

Caoimhín P. Connell
Forensic Industrial Hygienist

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Interestingly enough, the grow house I had to repair was not lived in. It was simply a crop.

So, those little plants I have im my crawlspace are not a good idea?

of course not. your crawlspace is too small for them to bud. just wrap the inside of you garage with tin foil, get a bunch of sun lamps, an auto watering set up, and then call me in 6 months…i’ll help you pick all those beautful ROSES:mrgreen: :mrgreen:

What is the percentage of US currency in circulation with traces of cocaine Caoimhin?

Cocaine on your cash is the least of your worries. I’m more concerned with the bacteria and other human bodily functions that are found on money. This is why I like my easily cleanable debit cards.

Mr Caoimhín P. Connell.
** In your best guesstimate can a grow lab be made Habitual again and is it worth the expense of restoring the home.**
** Roy Cooke Sr…**

Goto the local Police Department and ask, explain the situation, they may have public database of such homes that have been busted.