Marijuana Grow Operation

Over the years I’ve inspected a couple of homes that had Marijuana grow operations. This year I have inspected (3) so far. In Michigan with a License it is not illegal to grow Marijuana as a Care Giver or Patient. One of the homes, the Seller showed me his “Care Giver” license and the set-up was clean, very elaborate, and appeared to be legit. The other 2 were obvious illegal operations and there was so many electrical safety defects I could not possibly list them all.

I am curious if others are seeing an increase frequency in these operations and what narrative do you use. I don’t care if there is a grow operation because I don’t know if a licensed been issued but more concerned with all the defects and safety hazards due to the unregulated handyman installations.

Here an example of a grow operation I discovered in the crawlspace just last week. The floor of the crawlspace was cut out, dirt removed and replaced with potting soil, support columns removed, moisture issues, venting issues, numerous electrical and plumbing issues and the list goes on.

Heres one I inspected this past winter. Realtors gave a heads up that it was a licensed grower before I arrived.

Sara Keranen 080.JPG

Not to mention the house is often extensively over-insulated to increase the efficiency of air-conditioning and to reduce heat transfer to the upper floors and attic. I have seen foil-covered insulation board blocking window openings and excessive insulation is required to prevent an unusually warm roof, indicative of a grow house, from being spotted by Law enforcement helicopter FLIR.

that ain’t a friggin meth house they were growing pot! About the only thing you have a problem with is the electrical wiring and high moisture content.****

Perfectly legal in Colorado.

Nick is this picture from your own operations?

You guys in Denver “smoke marijuana until you so high you feel like a bird flying in the sky”… Bob M.

Nice artical. I found this after my post.

There are huge legal grow operations in the same commercial complex as InterNACHI’s TV studio. Until a couple weeks ago, a common wall divided InterNACHI from a licensed grow op. It’s everywhere here. I’m anti drugs personally but pro-states rights and anti-alcohol so the scale tips for me in favor of weed. I’m also anti for-profit prisons which house many drug offenders who only dealt with weed in a harmless way. You can’t overdose on weed. And in my experience, it doesn’t increase aggression like alcohol does to many people. Alcohol is a killer. Weed makes you hungry and/or sleepy. My big issue though is states rights. I’m so proud of Colorado for telling the federal government back in Washington, DC that they have no jurisdiction out here. Federal employees should be prohibited from leaving DC.

Here in northern California the issues with “grows” are moisture and mold. That’s in addition to electrical modification, often do by someone who doesn’t know anything about electrical.

Don’t forget the quest for dwindling water supplies

I’m in Ann Arbor it’s everywhere and quite frankly " Nobody gives a damn !"
I’m with Nick …Let the damn plant be…it has never hurt a soul and cures cancer
and other debilitating diseases…

Alcohol kills as well as narrow minded idiots who can’t get past govt propaganda !

No it does not .
It helps with nausea with chemo.

Roy please don’t start a debate on that fact as you quite literally, know not what you are talking about …

Tell ya what …

Try arguing with a Biochemist who actually cured his stage 3 prostate cancer…
You had better research CBD cannabidiol a compound found in many strains of cannabis.

Research Rick Simpson …hell he invented the application of CBD oil…

And by the way Tommy Chong cured his cancer fully with CBD oil as well…

I’m fortunate enough to live in a town where the vast majority of the populace are open minded, progressive thinking, extremely educated and make alot of money .

85% are in favor of cannabis and it isn’t even open for discussion when it comes to debating if it’s bad…

We have an abundance of sick people from all over the world move here to legally treat their disease without worry of bull**** laws that prohibit people from saving their lives with a natural cure.

Electrical modifications are one of the big issues here. Were illegal in Florida, and they show on the news houses they have bust, and man you wonder why the house hasn’t burned down yet.

Oh ! Yes I do! Screw you with that remark.
My wife has been in cancer research here at U of F for over 25 years.
A good vegetable juice drink will do you way more good than a toke.
Just please show me one…just one clinical trial where THC has cured one soul!
Just one.
Can’t do it can ya, Let me get my hitter.
You opened your mouth first.