Guess How Old This Water Heater is????

And it is still in service… I will give more details later.

It should not be:D

Sure it’s not an old washing machine?

Serious flame roll out. I guess 1 year

How many people did it kill in all those years?!

Can we get those two burners any closer to each other?

Fresh coat of paint and it will get listed as

"Newly remodeled"

They last longer when they are not on the porch.

:smiley: Yea, too funny!

  1. It’s mine.

37 years, 2 months, 9 days, 8 hours, 17 min (and counting)
What do I win? :mrgreen:

Looks like they started to paint it black.
Wonder why they stopped? :shock: :wink:

This water heater is still in operation and was installed in 1951! The homeowner empties a bucket of water weekly in order to prevent sediment buildup inside the tank. I didnt inspect this… Pic Courtesy of my friend the Handyman…

I just inspected one today from 1971 ;Sears, still in operation also. Had a stamp on the boiler plate - Guarantee expires 06-79. This heater is older than I am… I still can’t believe there’s one from '51… unreal.

The oldest I’ve found in operation here was 1963. But I find a lot of late 1960s and 1970s water heaters still going strong, especially when they are located in the kitchen, such as they do over in North Park, South Park, and Golden Hill, where all the homes are 800-SF Craftsman homes built from 1920-1950.

I inspected one several years ago that had a cast iron burner chamber cover. No TPR valve, installed behind a wall with access only to the burner. I couldn’t tell from the plate, but the owner of the building said he thought it was installed in 1948. I believe it was a Westinghouse. I’ll post a pic if I can find it in my archives.

Got Picasa?
Great for finding those lost on your computer photos.

They probably don’t realize how much of an energy waster that old heater is…course looking at that furnace, thats a moot point…:roll:

You mean Picante? Not sure about it finding computer photos, but it does go very well with jalapeno nachos and margaritas. :margarit:

Most of my photos from several years ago are saved to CD. I have heard of Picasa, but I don’t have it.

Which would REALLY help you find your photos… or not!