Guess who this NACHI TV model is related to and how... win a case of Manuals.

First one to guess who she is related to wins a case of Manuals for a Happy Home (value: $180.00).

It does no harm to guess away. Take as many guesses as you like.

She is biologically related to someone who posts here often.


Peter, in what way?

Its Deanna Cousin!!!


By the way Im comming to Vegas Deanna,… lets do the “Limo slide” again!

Nicks neice???

Do I at least win 1/2 a case for being the only one guessing??

Russel Ray

same answer goes for the lemo slide

Nick, say it ain’t so.

Did you or a family member sire this beauty?

She is too pretty to be related to Paul W. Abernathy HA! Just kidding Bro

No Limo ride???

Couldn’t be. She is holding a book, not a burger. :mrgreen:

Is she related to ?

Tell me it ain’t so!


Russell Springs

Oooooooooo your gonna get it Steve

Noooooooooooooooo way