Today's Daily Door Prize donated by Deanna Willis.

A date with Deanna Willis.

First one (man or woman) to reply to this post with his/her name, city, state, and NACHI ID# gets to go on a date with NACHI staffer Deanna Willis.

If you win but are unable to come to Boulder, Colorado, simply type “PASS” at the end of your post so the next member can win.

I will also be in Vegas at the ITA convention. If you were planing on attending the ITA show I will take you too dinner in Vegas.

If it is a woman who wins we will will go shopping.

I better pass… I value my wife and my life too much… smile.


I think NACHI has gone nuts. We’re giving away women as door prizes. :roll:

Congratulations John you win!!!

Your pick Vegas or Boulder

Oh my God… I pass… I pass… I pass…
Someone help me and please take this blessing from me.

If you pick Boulder we can take Nick’s Corvette.

Most likely platonic.

I hope Russel Ray wins

Where is Wendy when you need her?.. Please come Wendy
and win this prize…

John, See what happens when you report before you think. :twisted: Oh Wendy :mrgreen:

me me pick me,

Oh crap the wife will not let me go to Vegas on my own

Oh poo pass, can I just have Nick’s Corvette

Perhaps Deanna could just send me her picture and I could show my
wife and say “look what NACHI is handing out now a days”…


\:D/ :expressionless:) Hmmmmmmmmmmm Wendy and Deanna on a date together\:D/:expressionless:)

I am the girl in the shorts

Sorry gals I do not play for that other team. This is a FRIEND date ONLY.

Beside being very good looking she is exceptionally talented .
When she was up in Canada doing some primary set up for the 2007 Toronto NACHI conference .
I my wife and a few other volunteers where taken out for supper by Dee.
I was fortunate enough to sit next to her .
I sure can see why NACHI is so successfully they seem to get a lot of very smart people to help keep this association functioning well.
Go for the door Prise you will be pleasantly surprised .
Roy Cooke

mario kyriacou
toronto ontario
nachi id #06022897