Gun Free Zone

We just made our state house a gun free zone. Sorry, didn’t see any pictures of the signs.

Lawmakers Vote To Ban Weapons From NH State House

**CONCORD, N.H. – **A group of lawmakers have voted to ban weapons from the State House in Concord.
A weapons ban had been in placed from 1996 to 2006, but the policy was withdrawn because it wasn’t clearly defined.
Supporters of the ban said it is an issue of safety, but opponents are pushing last-minute legislation to overturn the decision.
Rep. Jennifer Coffey, R-Andover, has a license allowing her to carry a concealed revolver. She would not say if she always carries a gun, but she likes being allowed to.
“Most criminal acts that are violent are against women, and our ability to defend ourselves and protect our lives is very important to us,” she said.
That’s why a facilities committee decision to ban weapons from the open State House is being met with resistance. Some Republicans said the decision was introduced with no warning or discussion.
“It was never on the agenda, so no one knew,” said Rep. Gene Chandler, R-Bartlett. “At least, our side didn’t know that this was even coming up for a vote. Secondly, I think it’s bad policy. They haven’t passed any rules on how to implement this policy.”
Sen. Maggie Hassan, D-Concord, voted in favor of the ban, citing concerns from fellow lawmakers.
“Who were surprised last March to find that people could be in the gallery with loaded weapons heckling them and threatening them during a vote,” Hassan said.
“Basically, they are saying they fear their own constituents,” said Penny Dean of Gun Owners of New Hampshire. “These are Democrats who say that the people’s house doesn’t belong to the people anymore.”
The ban would not apply to State House security details.
Enforcement could prove difficult because there are no metal detectors at the State House, and a person may choose to leave the property rather than be searched.
“We have 10 years of enforcing it in the past, and our security experts are working that out right now,” Hassan said.
Potential Second Amendment concerns were addressed by a U.S. Supreme Court ruling two years ago that found that it was constitutional to place a ban on firearms in school and government buildings.
Some generally pro-gun states, such as Texas and Alaska, have similar bans in place. Tell Us More: [

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