Gutter Pump ???

Have you seen these in use? If so, what are your thoughts / pros & cons?

It looks so simple, I also wonder how it works?

I was thinking the same thing,… they could benefit from posting a video demonstration on their site.

I found the statement below the diagram amusing. Don’t “snake oil salesmen” say the same things:roll:

But for $7 a pop not a large risk to try it. I have gutter now that clogs and has created an ice dam on my garage roof.

        *The            Gutter Pump has been successfully sold on The Home Shopping Network®,            QVC®, through local retailers and specialty catalogs.*

Shouldn’t we be concentrating on keeping our gutters clean? Instead of finding ways to keep the dirty longer.


Hi There…I’m the inventor of the Gutter Pump if I can answer any questions for you.

Regardless of if the clog is in the gutter or on top of this gadget, you’ve still got a clog. Clean the gutter, and pocket the $7.00.

As Mark mentioned, you’re still going to have the debris collect around the pump. Gutters will overflow but your downspout will be clear. I’ve used these for a couple of years.


Even if it works you still have all the wet debris in your gutters. Clean them now or buy new ones later :slight_smile:

Looks like you could do the same thing with two elbows of pvc.

My feeling is that the leaves would eventualy cause the water to flow out of the gutter from the sides before going down (the tube).

Bet with good marketing it makes money at the register.