Gutter installation defect?

I see gutter installations similar to this quite often on newer homes. I’ve called it out as improper installation given the lack of a proper downspout and the potential to contribute to uneven wear and water intrusion. I’d be interested in others’ opinions. Thanks!

No downspout at all for the gutter in the first 2 pics? Of course, dumping it back onto the roof is nuts.

I am pretty sure that the builder (roofer) cut the gutter the way they did for cosmetic purposes and it might work okay in light rain situations with clean gutters. However, I would prefer to see the end capped / closed-off normally, to ensure that the heavy rain runoff, or clogged gutter, always flows away from the lower roof. I might call it out as a minor defect “missing gutter end cap.”

Improper installation. The way they cut those gutters would make the gutter weaker and more prone to damage, not to mention run-off.

Did you take those images off my phone? LOL I just inspected a mini-mansion last week with a multi-level roof like that - had that same end-spout(?) arrangement. And Brian, I’m sure you’re right - they do it for cosmetic purposes. I told the home buyer that is one of those things that might be permitted, but isn’t a good idea!

My opinion varies from everyone else so far… other than possibly mentioning that it will clog easily, I wouldn’t make a deal of it.
I see this all the time in my area, and have only ever seen minor granule loss from discharge, even on a 20 yr old roof.

I second that.

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Thanks for the feedback. Good to get confirmation from others who may have seen similar stuff.