Habitable Room or "office"

This home has a finished basement with two “bedrooms”. One room has a new egress window installed, which the square footage of is over 9 sqft but is short by a few inches from the window straight out. The dimensions are 50.5" x 34.5" It needs a minimum of 36" depth. Would you write that up as being undersized?

The other question I have is, the second “bedroom” they have listed as an “office” which it’s identical to the other room just on the other side of the basement and DOES NOT have an egress window. In that room though there is a door that leads to the utility room where the boiler and WH are. My opinion is they used it as an office and called in an office but it’s still technically a habitable room. Should I write that up?

What type of windows are they?

The one with the egress window is a horizontal slider. The other windows are casements that were painted shut.

Need more info…
What is the depth of the egress well?
Does it need a ladder or step to exit the well?
If so, what is the measurement from the window to the ladder if the ladder in directly in front of the window (not to the side)?
What is the depth of the interior sill to floor?

The depth of the window well was 18 in. There was no ladder inside the window well. So the measurements are 50 and 1/2 in wide 18 in in-depth and 30 and 1/2 in deep.

For lack of egress? IMO no. You could mention if they want to use it for a bedroom they will need to put a egress window in.

IMO… a non-issue.
At 18 inches, it will not / should not pose an entry restriction for rescue personnel… assuming the window full open dimension meets requirements.


This poses the concern regarding use as a bedroom would be illegal!!

Correct. But used as an office or anything other than bedroom I’d see no problem.

Yes…safety is safety.

If I understand you correctly, no I wouldn’t.

Thanks a lot for the help guys! I have to go back tomorrow to take some pictures of the electrical on the outside cuz I missed something but you guys help me out with the egress questions. Thank you!

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I didn’t stress about the 18" because half of the window is above grade anyways. I did however write up that the well was undersized. The projection is 34.5" and the minimum is 36". Do I think it’s a big deal at only 1.5", not really, but I wrote it up to cover my ass though. As @lkage stated…