Had loads of work in July and September is busy but...

Had tons of work in July and September is busy but…August was slow when I went on vacation and had few calls but figured it was just coincidence till I saw this just now.http://www.chicagotribune.com/business/breaking/chi-mortgage-default-warnings-surged-in-august-20110915,0,888327.story

Guess we are not out of the woods yet.

Yes, this country needs jobs desperately.

It’s that way here also. June/July were rocking & rolling, August really slowed, it’s gradually picking up.

This doesn’t look good either Bob:

More than 387,500 residential mortgages in the Chicago area, representing one-quarter of all homes with a mortgage, were underwater at the end of June, according to new data released Tuesday.”

Stimulus will kick in any day now :slight_smile:

All the shovel ready jobs are just waiting.

The stimulus will create or save thousands of construction jobs.

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Good video after the 30 second video. Rates at record lows, forclosures at record high. It is all about jobs, and lenders are not lending because of lack of future confidence.

Here, only 1,800 home sold in August. Sounds like a lot to some, but with over 32,000 homes for sale, sales are not near what they should be. Years ago, the average per month was 6,000. Only 100 new homes where started this year so far in my county; average is around 3,000.


College grads cannot find work. These figures are real scary.

And, there is more student loan debt nationally than credit card debt. And, if you file for bankruptcy, the student loans will never go away. You have to pay those back. If you have student loan debt when you retire, the government will lower your social security accordingly until the loan is paid off. Suzie Orman.