Strange Market right now... Call volume very slow!?!?...

Hi Everyone,
I am sure that since all of us are in different regions… business is a little different for everyone. My inspection call request have really slowed down since 4th of July… This market is really hitting the bottom… I think!!! I was swamped with foreclosures and REO’s last year, but now it seems they are cycling out… or we are getting ready for another new cycle (another set of interest only loans ready to expire) People that do have equity in their homes do not want to sell them, since many are probably worried about the economy, don’t want higher house payments, etc.

Usually, Summers are busy… that’s why I think this market is very strange!!! How is it in yours? If interest rates stay low… and “NORMAL” unemployment levels return (who knows when) I think we will all be in for a great recovery… time will tell. Who knows maybe this will kick off another bubble!!! But i won’t hold my breath…

Last July was dead and my worst month.
This year I was busy in July.

I am swamped answering the phone for residential price shoppers. When I call back in a couple of days of not booking an appointment from the initial inquirey, I am hearing a lot of people are having problems with their mortgages getting rejected or held up. Commercial calls are steadily coming in about one to two a week and some of them are suffering the same problems as the residential market. for me, I am a little bit slow the last week, but I have worked booked all next week. The market around here seems to fluctuate irradically every once in a while, but it balances out in the long run. Some months I don’t get a day off, some I get a week to myself to catch up on my life.

All in all…I really can’t complain. This has been a tremendous season so far and there are a few more months left in it.

Yeah I did a second inspection the other day for a client that could not get mortgage unless 65% of condos are owner occupied.

Catch 22

Enough said ???

I been averaging about 50 per month, but the HEAT is killing me this year…!!!

Jeffrey, Liked the roller coast pic… yea me too. Dale even if I had 25 a month, I would be happy. 50 would kill me. And yes, price shoppers are the worst… I had a lady want me to inspect a 3,400 square foot home with a pool/spa for $375… and since it was outside my service area, I said forget it! and even referred to another inspector… I might as well enjoy a short vacation while the market is slow…

I have HELP—:stuck_out_tongue:

slowest in a week since march was about 3. Busiest was close to 14 full inspections…by myself. I just did that again last week inc. today.

From week to week for me, I really have no idea except for maybe 3 or so. The rest call on Monday looking for Monday/Tuesday and so on. I keep hearing that the banks are giving very little time for the buyers.

It’s definitely up and down, that’s for sure.


Ive been 2-4 a week most of the summer. Thats busy for me and my area. Combined with other work, I have had a very BUSY summer.

I’m doing very well for no one really knowing who I am yet. I just really started going full force around Feb of this year in the St. Louis area and my record month so far was 16 inspections. Not bad I think. All my inspections so far are from word of mouth or Google. A few are starting to trickle in from realtors however I just started that campain about three weeks ago. I’m due to return from IRAQ in July of next year right in time for the summer rush. Guess what I’ll be doing while I’m over in IRAQ? You better believe it advertise advertise advertise. On my time off I’m going to personally contact every Realtor, bank, lawer, and whoever else will listen in St. Louis via email the world wide internet.

I hope you return to a kicking business when you return.

Me to thanks Mike.

Good plan Billy

Bill, just remind them what you are doing for the country during your “year off” and I am sure you will be swamped next July.