Hand Railing at Steps

Thanks Bob. I should have thought of that. I used PowerPoint all the time in my previous life before Home Inspections.

Hey Bobby—A little search on the Apple App Store and I found this app to markup your photos: Annotate Plus Markup Image. It’s easy to use and free.

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I would also look closer at the stringer-to-header connection and the way the guard post is attached to the deck.


Morning, Bobby. Hope this post finds you well.
Have an image taken from the side of the steps?

3 stringers is good.
1: The treads require clearance.
2: Balusters require 2 fasteners each at the top and bottom.
3: Fasteners should not be over driven.
4: No splits in baluster work.
5: Handrail requires graspability guidlines.
Here is a link to # Railing Codes, Construction & Inspection.