Stairs / Handrails

This is a new installation. Any problems with this?

The handrail does not appear to meet the ‘grippable’ requirement.


They should have put a secondary hand rail at the bottom two.

DSCN4392 (Small).JPG
Another , whats wrong.

Joe… is that a sprinkler right by the stairs?

Robert… good place to break your neck. Slip on that snow, fall through the railing and here come the ambulance.

Does look graspable to me.
Handrial should be continuous to the bottom riser.

My guess is the contractor considered the bottom two risers a “new set” of stairs not needing a handrail (< 3 risers). However, without an appropriate landing in between, they would be considered the same set of stairs.

While were at it, shouldn’t all the risers be the same width?

Sanitary Line Vent

Joe, your too hard on these builders, (DIY)'s, That stupid pipe was in the way and the ramp to the original stairs was dirt and steep, so they added a few steps to make it better and safer so people don’t slip and now your complaining. ha. ha. :wink:

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

The vent had little to do with the installation.

This installation is at a Condominium where all homes are the same (even those without an adjacent vent). It appears to be an architectural detail by design.

Architectural blunder?

Why does that not surprise me?

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

  1. Two bottom steps should be the same width.
  2. Handrail should extend to the bottom steps.
  3. Rise height of the third step up may be different/ in excess of the rest (judging by a picture of course)

I agree on your first two points but the 3rd looks more like the bottom two steps have a shorter rise than the rest.