Hands-free, voice recognition inspection software.


Thank you Nick.

Hello NACHI members! My name is Steven McNeese with Onclarity. We are excited to introduce the first “Hands-Free” inspection software to the industry. Please visit our website at http://www.interspectvoice.com and download a fully functioning 30-day trial. Feel free to call, email or chat with us online. We are here to support and answer any questions you might have about our solution.

Thank you,

Steven M. McNeese

Saw a live demo of this software last night-
This is the wildest reporting software I have ever seen

Has anyone had any real time experience with Interspectvoice from Onclarity? I also am looking for a voice recognition software and the only thing worst than my typing skills are my “software techie” skills. Of greatest concerns are: ease of use / learning curve, accuracy and flexibility in actual voice recognition, operational reliability…and any others some one else may have encountered! I must admit their on-line demo seemed reasonably impressive. Any info, help or suggestions would be appreciated. Many thanks. ](*,)

Couldn’t you do the same thing with Dragon?

Be very careful of managing your expectations of what voice recognition will do for you. Many inspectors in the past have discovered that trying to use voice recognition in the field can be very problematic…and find that it actually takes longer to collect the data. Having lists of boiler plate comments of your most common issues that you just easily select in a list can be much quicker then actually trying to speak them.

I saw these guys product in Florida just a few weeks ago first hand and was very impressed. I’m seriously considering upgrading to this.

I have heard this many times in the past…“it looked so impressive when they demoed it…”…but when they tried to use it in practice it was a completely different story. Just telling you what I have heard from other inspectors.

This is CrAzY !!! I’m seriously considering giving this software a try out…!!!

Like I said…just be very careful as to managing your expectations of what voice-recognition will do for you.

So these guys are still around? This thread is 8 years old. Why haven’t I heard of them before now?

They are usually only in Texas. They produce the mandated TREC form for Texas. I have not seen them there in years thou.

An inspector that uses the program bought it from the previous owner and has gone to a few conferences recently.

Do you know who that is Dominic ?

I don’t remember, sorry. I only heard him mention it once.

I haven’t heard of them either. Not that I’m looking for a new software or voice recognition.
When we went mobile, I started playing with the voice recognition and as Jeff K. said, it turned out to be faster to have pre-written comments to scroll through. Most importantly, it makes each report more consistent when having pre-written comments that you tweak a little to adapt to the house.

I remember now…Rob White…let’s just say I have had experience with him before and leave it at that.

I am in 100% agreement with you. I use "Dragon Naturally Speaking"and it has taken me years, and I mean years of upgrades and “tweaking” to get it just where I want it.
That being said… I use InspectVue report writing software. I bought it when it first came out and over the last 10+ years I have upgraded it several times.
During the last decade I have tweaked my prewritten comments to get them “exactly like I want them”.
Naturally… Nothings perfect and I have to keep adding to or “rephrasing” my prewritten comments.#-o

Relying solely on “voice recognition software” can be very problematic. Especially if you are trying to use it with a “report writing software program”. Checking the boxes, inserting comments, and correcting spelling and or grammar errors can be very time-consuming while you are “on the job site”.](*,)
As to be expected… “We All Have Our Own Opinion and… Your Mileage May Vary”:wink:

PS: I grew up in Houston and moved to New Hampshire in 1985.
I sure do miss Papadeaux barbecue, their huge baked potatoes and most especially their tamales.\:D/
Houston has some of the best Mexican food in the nation but… I sure do miss Jack-in-the-Box tacos!