Interspect Voice

I looked for rules regarding vendors not posting in the forums but I could not find anything. If I have missed something, please remove this thread. But, this software was built for inspectors with inspectors by our professional software development firm with benefits that should not be passed up.

Interspect Voice is the world’s first hands free voice inspection software that will be release next month. We invite you to read about the features and view the online demos.

Thank you,


That is some pretty nifty software :slight_smile: I’ll take you up on the trial.

This is what Im talking about. Nice demos. Can’t wait for the trial version to come out.

You can download it at the site I believe Stephen.

Absolutely awesome. When I whack my head on an overhead floor support joist or pipe in the crawlspace, will its dictionary/vocabulary feature actually transcribe the expletives, as well???


Let up know what its like Wendy.

Will do. :slight_smile: I’ll be downloading it tonight after I get back from the political fair.

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Most users ever online was 323, 5/6/06 at 9:30 PM.
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Most users ever on line was 323, 5/6/06 at 9:30 PM. rcooke, lcapaul, gmartin2, dbush, yolhovsky, rnewland, djohnson6, poliner
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Wendy and all,

Thank you for the great feedback. The product will be available for download the first of October. Until then, we will continue to post additional demonstration videos of various features of the application. If there is something specific you are wanting to see, let me know and I will create a demo or describe how it works.

Thanks again and we look forward to hearing from you.

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