Free 30-day trial on voice command inspection reporting software.

Wow it is still hanging around…

This link and their site link will not load. I hope their software is better.

I got in and saw the sample report.
The testimonial is from the same guy with the software and says he owns checklist inspections in Chicago.
Never heard of him and no website but he has one heck of a resume.

Hello Bob,
Just wanted to let you know that I am the new owner of Interspect Software. I have been doing inspection in Texas since 2002 was the first to purchase this software and helped Steve in making numerous changes that would be beneficial to the home inspection industry. I hope you took a look at the software rather than trying to discredit one of the inspectors who bought and used it. Like any software it has its good points and bad points but I found the Voice Command gave me the freedom from having to carry anything in my hands and built my report as I inspected the home, all by giving voice commands. I’ve purchaed the company because I believe in what the software has to offer and can reduce the inspectors after hours time. Although the company went into hard times during the real estate market downturn, I look forward to getting the enchancement to the program going again and offering a truely outstanding product to the home inspection industry. If you have any questions, please feell free to email at
Thank you,
Rob White

Hi Rob I am the one guy who replied,said he looked at the sample and cared enough to look into it.
Did I say something not true or what ?

Yes I looked at it and since you asked and what stuck out it the big feature is “Voice Control” and that impressed me 10 years ago but today every device has “Voice Control” so can you explain to us what your software does different or better than all the rest in todays day and age ?

Giving you an opportunity to explain that here so please do not be defensive off the bat.

Good morning Bob,
From your first comment about what Doug had said that was posted on the web site, it sounded like because you couldn’t find Doug by researching him that the post might have been
bogus. I believe Doug is retired and no longer doing inspection. Maybe I just misunderstood your comment and apoligize if I did.

The one thing that makes our program stand out is that it is hands free, you do not have to carry around an Ipad or tablet while doing your inspection leaving your hands free to do your inspection. Having to carry around a device is prone to damage by dropping it. At this time I’m not aware of software that allows you to call your comment in by a short prhase, allow the comment to prompt you for merger fields, like what room I’m in, or location, etc, , or to add a photo tag all by talking into a wireless headset. All software has pros and cons and I have looked at a lot of different sofware over the years and never found one as useful as this one.


Will see if there is a video showing it in use however my immediate thought is you are simply bluetoothing.

Bob, this is not a blue tooth solution as blue tooth only has a range of about 30 feet. I’m using the Plantronics USB CS50 headset, which has a range of about 200 feet depending on the type of building. Now I will tell you that real hard coat stucco, with the wire mesh, limits the range to about 40-50 feet when your outside. Also when I’m on a roof that has radient barrier like Techshield, I can loose communication if it is a large home. I’m aware of these type of limitations and just carry a digital voice recorder and add any comments when I get back in range. Again, this is not voice dictation, although you can do voice dictation if you don’t have a comment defined for a problem. You define your comments and ad a three word voice tag to the comment so all your saying is “Add Comment” “foundation post tensioned cable” and it adds your comment pertaining to post tensioned cable type of foundation. This program gives you great flexiblity in creating simple reports to very detailed like mine, just using voice commands. If you would like to see a sample go to my website and take a look one of the sample reports. Hope this helps.
Thank you,