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I currently work in remodeling and am working on getting my Inspection company off the ground. When the time comes to quit my full-time job I was hoping to supplement my inspections with side work (which I currently have been doing for years).

I know the COE makes clear inspectors can’t offer to repair anything for their clients. I’m not interested in that at all. My question is after my Inspection LLC is up and going, could I do handyman repair things on the side for other clients as if it’s a separate business? Could I do both under the Inspection LLC’s insurances and such? Or must I only do inspections under that company name? Thanks

Keep the businesses separate as with your clients. Pretty simple. No headaches…






That pretty much sums it up Martin. :+1::ok_hand:

@dwoodin , Mr. Willes has the perfect answer for you. Simple and to the point.

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One of my inspectors does this exact thing and it works out great. He’s got a totally separate business entity doing handyman stuff and NEVER touches anything we inspect. I think a few inspectors do this. The main thing is don’t give into the temptation to take on jobs from your inspections. The SOPs in the main state I’ve inspected in (Oregon) specify you can’t do it for a year and that’s really not that long. I’ve often thought about starting up a company and encouraging people to call us after a year.

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We have an inspection company in Atlanta that markets the inspection, the scope of work and perform the repairs all under one roof.

The conflict is visible a mile away. But realtors love the one stop shop and drive the clients to them.


Wow… so Georgia has no SOPs that disallow that? Do you guys have licensing?

It’s not illegal until they get caught, and based on many posts on this MB over the years, most inspectors are wary to report anyone breaking the laws, so… “May they reap what they sow”!

That’s the rule you need to follow.

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No licensing, no SOP.

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Well put! Exactly what Martin said. Others have opinions, but these are facts. :point_up_2:

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