Happy 4th of july

I just wanted to wish everyone a safe and happy Fourth weekend from me and the CH team.

Do something meaningful this 4th.

Read The Declaration.

Happy 4th to you also Dave and thanks for the help the other day, we got it all straight.


:smiley: Are you kidding? It’s a day for hot dogs, beer and firecrackers. No one wants to understand the true meaning of this important day in our country’s history, otherwise, they might be compelled to act accordingly…

I still believe there’s hope (not “Hope & Change”), so yes, please take a moment to understand the reason we celebrate this great day.

Happy Declaration of Independence Day.

These are may favorite indictments within the Declaration:

Its not just the 4th of July its Independence Day!

Actually, Independence Day is July 2nd. But you’re right, it’s much more than the “4th of July.”