Happy Fourth Of July To All

Happy Fourth of July
Happy Fourth of July
Happy Fourth of July



Thank You, same to you sir.

** Thanks Marcel and all the best to all our Southern neighbours . **

My heart goes out to so many who are still with out power in the middle eastern part of the USD I will be thinking of them and hope things soon go back together .

Happy 4th of July Marcel
Hey Roy i see some Canuks have headed down to help with the power outage

Hot as a firecracker!!

Enjoy, Happy 4th!!

Happy 4th of July!!!

Happy 4th
Just a few more weeks 'till Lobsterfest. Wish I was there again.

Happy 4th to all, Be safe everyone :roll:

I cheated, went down last Sunday. :mrgreen:

Happy 4th to you all, :smiley:


Yes on Monday I think Many Linesman from Ontario and Quebec .
I do think more again left yesterday.
I am glad to see how great our two countries have helped each other over the years and expect we will be each others best of friends forever .
My heart goes out to so many who are with out power when it is so hot .

Happy 4th. No fireworks here… just wildfires.

We’re getting ready for some fireworks if the rain holds off.

Same here. Overcast and humid. :slight_smile:

We’re cheating too. Going to a lobster boil this weekend.:wink:

Hope all enjoyed the 4th festivities.


I hope everyone had a good day, kicked back, and cooked some burgers and hot dogs. And most importantly took a few minutes to appreciate the freedom we do here compared to most of the world!

Other things to remember about July 4th.

July 4, 1863. Vicksburg MS falls to the Yankees led by General Grant. Confederacy is now fully encircled by the North.

July 4, 1863. Final day of the Battle of Gettysburg. The battle ends with > 57,000 casualties including 7,800 dead. Lee retreats from Pennsylvania.

Compare the freedom we have here to the freedom we *had *here 200 years ago. :frowning: