Happy Birthday Canada

Happy Birthday Canada and all the friends of Canada .


Almost, not quite, works not over today for some, still have to wait for the 24’s to chill and the grill to warm up, although the fireworks have been popping for a few days here, some are eager to celebrate…
Have a great day tomorrow Roy, however you celebrate.

Must get to shop before the masses realize they are shut for a day.

I will be finishing a roof tomorrow, so I can have the weekend in my garden…gotta start another roof Monday

Sooooo the BBQ is tonite.
Enjoy your weekend Roy and all others

Is being part of the British Empire really something to celebrate? What am I missing here?

Thanks Brian
Will for sure I am Glad to hear you are getting work even if you have to work on Canada day .

Going to take some of my kids to a big do… Roy

You’re missing that we gained full independance fron Britain. At that time, the federal holiday name was changed from Dominion Day to Canada Day. One of the great things Truedeau (love him or hate him) did for this country.

Well, then, salute!

Being British myself I certainly do find that Canada’s links to Britain made my life easier moving over here, I love Britain and Canada. I particularly miss all my family in Britain on celebration days.


. Glad you came to Canada My mom and dad are from England and Chars Dad too .
Unfortunately many do not Know how Close Canada is to the UK .
We are lucky enough to have the Future King and Queen of the UK in Canada to help us celebrate our 144 the Birthday .
God Save the Queen …

Yes, I think it’s wonderful for them to be here too Roy, such a nice couple too, which is surprising. Just came back from Fireworks at wonderland, they were great, but the traffic was a b@#$!.
Sucks to be in such an overpopulated area.

Happy Canada Day. We are celebrating with you. This evening, my wife and I put up our Canada tree (a maple, of course), decorated it and sang a few Canada carols while we hung our stockings by the chimney. When we get up in the morning, we are hoping to find them filled with some very inexpensive prescription medicines.

Seriously, though … all the best.

Keep the humor coming Jim. You’re showing a side some of us know, but most can only guess at.

Lady Agag and I also salute Canada on its birthday.

One question, though, why do they always play My Country, 'Tis of Thee for the Queen? Is that her favorite American song?

Brighton too had a big celebration I walked to it . ( http://www.brighton.ca/ )
Great town many from Toronto are moving here every year , Taxes are lowest in area .

Last Thursday PM. I wanted to talk to my Councilor got his answering machine
8;30 am Friday he called me and he was at my place at 8.45 am .
Listened to out story went way called me at 10;am all fixed .
It’s great to be able to get info and help from your councilor so fast.
Lived here for 39 year’s and have loved all our council non stop.

Actually it’s The Commonwealth of nations or just Commonwealth.
What I find curious is the your celebration of your independence while clinging to the British Imperial system of measures and still referring to nail size by penny nail. More British then the British wouldn’t you say?
:razz: :wink: :grin:

Do you not also enjoy the irony of watching people who associate themselves with a group called the “Tea Party” who, feeling threatened by immigrants, lobby for laws requiring “English” as their official language.:smiley:

I am surprised with many things I see on the Forum …
So many NACHI members and so few use this Forum .
I think a large number just give up posting do to the % of posts giving help to the % of posts slamming each other .
Yes I do more then I should but others just seem to enjoy the silly blasting that goes on .
The Number of Posts that have nothing to do with home Inspections or education is surprising.
I sure can understand why many good Homies just give up and Move on .
The complain about your Government seems to be over whelming and no government improvements are going to come about from this forum .
There seems to be no such thing as a simple discusion any more .

Roy Lighten up! We were just having a bit of fun.
I’ve heard of the Tea Party but do not know much about them.
I find it ironic that the ultra right wing parties talk about less government and more freedom then as soon as they get into power they start writing laws to control everything and everybody.
Happy 4th of JUly

Well, what can I say? We’re fond of out pints.

That is not a Tea Party position.