Happy Birthday (Condo) Bob...

Hope you have a great birthday Bob !!!

Happy B’day Bob, have a good one.

Go Bears!

Happy birthday Bob!

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Darn no rapture.
Thanks guys.

Back to sitting in the dark flicking my pull chain lamp off and on for now.

Happy Birthday Bob. Are you ready for your birthday spanking?

Happy Birthday Bob.
have you got your aarp yet?

I don’t think he could handle a spanking after flicking his chain all night… too old. :mrgreen:

Happy Birthday Bob.

Thanks for all your help with HIP bob!!! Happy birthday!!

Happy Birthday and hopefully just one of many more.

Not much into it but nice to see so thanks again.Just got what has the potential to be the best gift ever received…
My Pillow.jpg


I didn’t know you and Michael were an item. Tell him I said hello.

Nobody knows what M.L looks like.

Happy Birthday Bob, nice to see others getting older for a change. ;):slight_smile:

Happy Birthday Bob!

Happy birthday Bob. Treat yourself this week by performing a sub-5,000 PIC report. :wink:

:mrgreen: LOL :mrgreen: It’s gonna have to be a 600 sq ft condo.

Only 225 counting serial numbers on Saturday so getting there plus hip makes it easy with the drop captions.
Nick you and Frank got me thinking now go tell Ben as he is worse than me from what he tells. Haha.

If you really want to find out you could dress up as a sheep and I’m sure you will have your answer before too long.:stuck_out_tongue:

Happy Birthday, Bob… and many more to come