Happy Birthday to BOB ELLIOTT...

Hope you had a fantastic day Bob!!!


Happy Birthday, Bob…and, many more.

Bob, are you a Chicago Cubs fan?

Happy birthday BOB

Happy Birthday Mr. Elliott

Happy Birthday Bob.

Happy Birthday Bob!

Happy Birthday Bob.

Bob, happy birthday.

Happy belated birthday Bob.

I hope it was a great day for you… :smiley:

Based upon his FB posts… it was the birthday of his life!! GO BOB!!! :wink:

Happy birthday!!!

Happy Birthday Mr Elliott! Hope you have many, many more!!

Happy Belated B-Day Bob, be safe and have a good time and take a day or 2 off.\:D/


Happy Birthday Bob!!

Bob, are you a Cubs fan?

I think he had a REALLY late night last night! He may not be awake yet! :wink:


No. Seriously. Check out his FB posts from last night. I don’t blame him! :mrgreen:

If they ever start winning Nick.
Thanks for the Birthday wishes everyone.