Happy Birthday "Condo" Bob Elliott

Happy Birthday, Bob !!! :D:D:D

Happy Birthday Bob!

Many happy returns–or whatever.

Have a great day!!!

[Oh, the Old Grey Mare she ain’t what she used to be…]


Happy Birthday Old Man!!!

Thanks guys.
I usually try and ignore it as much as possible and hide from everyone.

Hoping with age the health holds up and there is still time to make a difference.:slight_smile:
“Everything was so easy when younger that I forgot to do most of it”.

Actually took the day off to organize my notes and reflect.

Isn’t this the birthday where you pass Jae? Triple digits is closing in fast. Many more…:smiley:

Happy and Healthy B-Day Bob. Go have some funt this weekend as you deserve it, then back to the attic for you on monday…:cool:


So what did Linas get you Bob??

Don’t you mean… “What did Linas give you”? :twisted:

Hey, I’m not a goat. :stuck_out_tongue: :shock:

Bend over sweetie, here I cum. Happy Birthday Bobbie.:wink:

Such a ‘giver’ that Linas! :stuck_out_tongue:

Have offers for dinner and what not but purposely scheduled an Inspection for tomorrow and prefer alone time.
I celebrated on Tuesday Night at Chicago’s Metro club by seeing these guys…

Let me know if you get lonely sweetie.:wink:

Happy B day Bob. Enjoy & hope you have many more.

More what???
More Linus…#-o

More cigarettes, smoke more cigarettes and eat more hot dogs Bob.:wink:

Happy Birthday Bob and may you have many more.

Watch out for Linas. ;):slight_smile:

Hi Bob!
I hope that you have had a “terrific” birthday and I wish you many, many more!:stuck_out_tongue:

Just took myself to Dennys for a big pancakes with Country steak lots of gravy,syrup and topped it off with a Chocolate shake while I read the Daily Herald.
Tried to find some shoes I liked but they all suck.

Will stay home and continue working on my new HIP Beta template.

The bracket feature is pretty cool but takes time to set up.
Should be great for you tablet types as you can find comments in a list easier now.

You simply leak comment ]]…at the beginning and what is in the brackets does not show to anyone when clicked but makes the list comment stand out when you are searching.