Happy Cost of Government Day!


Isn’t a town hall meeting missing one of thier knuckleheads???


Cool site… Just think the “work until” file is goofed up.

Thanks for the info

Thank you, Liberal A-holes.

The pendulum swings both ways. Bush received a lot of negative press in the latter of his presidency. Certainly, as things are not already resolved :slight_smile: in our economy after all this time,(people really are already saying that…) it seems logical that our new administration will receive it’s share of negative press in due time.

Our needs of instant gratification will deem necessary a scapegoat. Who’s next? Easy guess I assume.

Problem is, some of the issues that are easy targets for both sides of our political fences **are **really in need of attention. Such as healthcare, social security and importantly our economy. These issues will be difficult to work in our current climate, unfortunately.

But, it should make for some good TV (tongue in cheek)

Joe by all means, don’t hold back on your thoughts so much! Let it out man!:D:mrgreen::wink:

Well, Randy, I feel an obligation to sugar coat it for some of our more benighted members.