Visualization of the US Debt

Pretty crazy !!! :shock::shock:


Very Cool! Thanks Jim

But now it is just (101010101010101010101) code in a computer

It’s time to cut spending and stop increasing the debt ceiling, but of course that is blasphemy to the Democrats in the House, Senate and WH.

dont blame the democrats. Anyone who thinks there is a real difference between a republican and a democrat has been blinded by BS.

Any who is is more likely to fix it?

A. The party that has never failed to demand more spending

B. The party that has conservatives in it that understand the pile of crap we are in?

Is the US going to have to go through a severe depression and possible re-building of the economic system to get rid of this debt and move to better fiscal responsibility?


There no longer appears to be any other way.

The longer we wait the worse it will be.

They kicked the can in 2008 with TARP and then Obama’ massive Stimulus al to no effect.

They are trying to kick the can again but their legs are broken.

The Return of The Great Depression by Vox Day lays out the incredible situation we are in.

$1.99 for the kindle version.

I encourage everyone to read even Canadians as they have a vested interest in our survival.

Robert if you think that 2 parties who are ideologically different are the same then you are sadly mistaken. Democrats have never seen a tax increase that they didn’t like and Republicans have never seen a tax decrease that they didn’t like. How’s that for starters. I an neither a Democrat nor a Republican. I am first and foremost a fiscal and moral conservative.

Check this one out.

All that fighting in Washington to shave almost nothing off of our debt.

How in hell does a tax cut account for ANY debt?

Who wrote that tripe?

It’s the spending stupid(not you unless it applies ;-))

I was just looking at the picture above that

Where black is projected savings due to this last bill. Thought it was funny to see it visualized. Didn’t really care about any of the rest of the article.

We’re in the very best of hands.