My rant for the day (will a little help from my wife)

So financial guru Robert Wiedemer says that the American economy is facing a double-barreled threat — a recession is “absolutely” coming and inflation will be the “biggest problem” of all. I agree, except that we did not get out of the last recession. The “experts” said it was a “jobless recovery”. Now, I’ll admit I’m not one of them smart Hahvahd MBA’s, but that surely sounds like an oxymoron to me - emphasis on the MORON. These are the same experts who repeatedly find the monthly bad news on job growth, unemployment claims, pi$$-poor GDP all UNEXPECTED. If they were worth the scrap metal their Nobel Prizes (eg Paul Krugman) were made of, these sad events wouldn’t be so unexpected.

These over-educated elitist fools have more egg on their faces than if they had cannonballed into a henhouse. But rather than admit their poor performance they instead take their only way out - attacking those who have seen this massive debacle coming. I really find the title “terrorist” not very fitting my demeanor. And I’m sure Glenn Beck is very tired of repeating “I told you so”, but really, he did. A long, long time ago.

So the manufactured crisis du jour was the debt ceiling. The powers that be manipulated and monopolized their lapdog media to focus everyone on the debt ceiling so we wouldn’t see the emporer’s lack of clothing. Every economic sign has been pointing to the need to reduce the insane spending going on in Washington. Raising the debt ceiling does not improve our ability to pay our debts. That’s like applying for and getting all those credit cards we get junk mail for every day. Then running them up to the hilt. Then going to our employers and DEMANDING a raise because our credit scores are so bad.

The administration has painted the country into a corner so they can tax the snot out of us as the only way to reduce the debt. This debt deal will do nothing to actually reduce spending. At best it will just reduce the rate of growth of gummint spending. It’s been very disappointing to see the politicians cave on this bill - how in the world were they snookered into buying into the bull… er… bill??

We are getting to the point that the whole system just needs a reboot. I’m not talking NWO here, just a start-over where a dollar equals a dollar with no more play money being printed by the Fed. Go bankrupt if we must to clean the slate. Flatten the tax so EVERYONE has some skin in the game. This garbage about the wealthy “paying their fair share” - OK then - REDUCE their tax rates so they are the same as the other 98% of the people pay. That is a fair share. Then, being the technogeek that I am, I think they should shut down the Capitol and make all senators and congress people work from their home districts. They can have their Google+ hangouts or FaceTime if they need to chat. Convert K-street to a Kmart, and Wall Street to a Wal-mart, and do away with lobbying. Put what little government is left on a merit pay system - pay for performance. They don’t do their jobs - they don’t get paid. And no big, fat life-long pensions either. We don’t get that, they don’t get that.

Jae…you and the ‘missus’ seem a little on edge this evening. Not that I disagree with your rant though. Hang tough.

Capitalism boiled down to it’s most basic form relies on deficit spending.

If you have a Mortgage, Credit Card, Car Loan, etc, you should know this.

If this concept is too hard for you to grasp, stop voting, as you are the problem.

I’m with ya Jae.

Here too!




(Beats the hell out of Meeker for President)


Well said! and right on the money :wink:

Point on my friend. Well said. :):smiley:

Preach it brother!! I couldn’t agree more! I’ve gotten to the point to where I just get pissed thinking about what we’re about to face in this country an who’s to blame.

Everybody still lines up like ducks to shake politicians hands and treat them like royalty. I personally think people should start spittin in their face.

I honestly believe that many of the politicians should be tried by a jury for criminal acts against America. Any decision a politician makes that proves to be more about corporate profits than the overall good of America should be considered a felony. That would straighten alot of this mess out.

Washington D.C. = District of Criminals ?