Happy Family Day!

Happy Family Day!

Unless you are an *unborn *family member.

“Canada](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canada) is one of only a few nations with no legal restrictions on abortion

“…about 30 abortions to every 100 live births.”

Or related to a POW stuck in Gitmo forever and ever.

May he rot in He**. He admitted killing an American soldier, shows no remorse whatsoever, and his loving family is full of terrorists, including this little piece of scum.
Unfortunately, he is about to be transferred to Canada, where our left-wing rules will have him back on the street, ready, able and willing to kill more people, within days.

Bill Mullen

PS- Happy Family day to the good Canadians.



Wow pick on Canada day lolol.

Not at all, Wayne !!

We are very proud of our country, but we are disappointed that so many ‘Canadians for Convenience’ are given so many rights that they promptly, and without any regret, abuse.

This terrorist we are discussing took advantage of our quest to add to the thousands of very valuable, law-abiding immigrants that have helped form and define our country.

This little piece of vomit and his family are known as a family of terrorists and have vowed to kill Americans and defeat the western countries. We will all regret the day he is shipped to Canada.

Bill Mullen

Most all POWs killed other members of the opposing military force. The point is that it is wrong to keep POWs forever and ever… especially ones who were captured on their own property (in their own country) during an invasion/occupation. Patriotic soldiers are supposed to resist occupation. That’s why our military wears helmets… they’re on somebody’s property who doesn’t want them there.

If a foreign military invaded the U.S… I’d fight and kill to try to expel them. Wouldn’t you? And if I was captured by that foreign military I’d demand that they not torture me and that they eventually free me. It is wrong to keep a POW in captivity forever.

Just give Him a home with the RCMP SPECIAL UNIT .
I know We Canadians were rose color glasses but it is still a great place , They will need to keep on guard though

The pos pow Bill Mullen is referring to is not from Afghanistan, where he was captured. His upbringing was in Pakistan and Canada. He was convicted and sentenced at Gitmo, should have threw a grenade in his shorts instead!

WTF! Can’t you just say happy family day and be done with it, you miserable…

If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all.