Happy Saturday

Hope you’re having a good weekend.

Mmmm, Be right over, Dave! :smiley:

:smiley: Come on down! Those chicken leg holders are the bomb if you have never tried them, you won’t be disappointed. I like to add some wood chips to charcoal and bast with sauce toward the end. :cool:


You’re missing the Big Green Egg though!

How are those things? I’m guessing it cooks great, with a small amount of heat needed, but they have such a small cooking surface. Let alone $400 and up??? I learned to cook with open fire on the ground. :smiley:

And they’re so heavy, do you shop vac the ashes?

Thanks, Dave…very kind. :smiley:

I notice the leg holders and wondered if they were for turkey legs.
Where did you get 'em?

They sell them at most big box stores, I eye balled them for years and finally bought a couple for a big cook which required more space on my grill. They worked way better than expected. You can fit 10 legs where 5 would normally fit. I cover the whole thing with foil, keep the heat close the first 10 minutes or so, seals the outside… Then lower the heat and keep covered, no turning or anything, the thicker bottom is closer to the heat, so it all cooks evenly. Add soaked wood chips for that smokey flavor and then slather with your favorite sauce the last 10 to 15 for the sweet (or whatever your sauce preference is) flavor.

Sounds good! :slight_smile:

The big green egg is an excellent buy. I have the medium sized one and will never go back to a standard grill.

They are extremely heavy! My father-in-law and I had to lift it together to put it in its stand.

There is a small sliding door in the bottom that you slide open to scoop the ashes out. There isn’t much ash though because it burns so clean.


that’s some fine looking chow right there…

Looks yummy!