Hard wired smoke detetors

A client paid someone to install these “hard-wired” smoke detectors. What do you think?

Look find to me?
What do you see as an issue?

Where is the junction box?


Must have come with a custom wiring harness for the home.

What the hell is a “detetors”?

Looks like an ALARM to me.



I couldn’t spell alarm. Apparently I can’t spell detectors either! Thanks, but that’s not the big problem.

That’s why it’s printed on the face. All you needed to do was copy it!

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Bingo! (post must be at least 10 characters)

Junction box costs extra. The installer had a $19.99 special promotion.

Saved on NMC, wire nuts, tools, time . . .

Not this argument again. Even the state of Minnesota defines it as a “smoke detector”.

And then there’s the manufacturer’s description:

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LoL. MINNESOTA doesn’t know #$%^& (post must have 10 characters)