HVAC high voltage wiring question

Had my own system serviced today and was thrown by a comment the tech said. Stated there was no fire protection block in the form of “fire nuts” installed in the first disconnect breaker box. Ive never heard of that safety system or am I being dazzled by bullsh**. Can anyone enlighten my as to if this is a true thing and if so I need to know more.


I have never heard of anything like that. I have been an electrician since 1978. Home Inspector for the last 3.5 years.

New to me too ,Sounds strange???

Add another that has never heard of these.

that’s like telling our apprentice’s to go get us some pink wire nuts.


Did the tech make, or offer to make, “needed” repairs?

Most of the time the “fire nuts” are a field modification. You have to use a metric crescent wrench to install them. :wink:

Their the color of your “Nuts” when you get screwed by the HVAC tech who works on commission.

Does he have any left handed smoke shifters left:D

Is it possible that his German accent threw you? All connections in the box need “vire nuts.” Just a guess :smiley:

LOL all good questions. Think I know the answer. Just another salesmen.

Run away, run away.

LOL…let me guess… He also said Bigfoot would be back to install them right after he finishes his report on finding the Loch Ness Monster. Anyway, I have not heard of them but does not mean they don’t exist:)

I say Google It!