Has anyone else been getting calls?

I the past week I have been called twice by these guys…Claim they have been in business since 1979 …Educational links don’t work on some sites ??, regional websites not individual??
Note the tagline here as well! Close to another one I know of!

housemaster home inspection

I was called this PM. Told him, Yes I was a home inspector and No I was not interested in a franchise. All he said was OK and hung up.

Called me this afternoon. Told him that me and my money are doing just fine but thanks for the offer :slight_smile:

Perfect guys I thought I had a target on my back ! :wink:

Perfect guys I thought I had a target on my back, I told him no as well ! :wink:

Both myself and my other inspector got calls. Looks like someone is getting sales leads by cruising the internet looking for dissatisfied home inspectors looking for work, People who will pay someone to give them work but good luck I think Mikes company already did that. LOL

I’ve seen an uptick in marketing to me as a home inspector in general. I treat it as a good sign. It means I must be getting my name out there. :smiley:

If they really pester me I ask them to go to my website here to see if there product or service is of interest to me.

I also received a call from them. One of the guys in Manitoba bought in. I don’t know how that’s working for him. I saw his latest business cards. It appears that he double-franchised. I know he wasn’t doing well before. I’m thinking that after paying all those monthly franchising fees it will just hurt his business more.

I received a call from them last week. Told them I was doing fine on my own.