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Hello everyone. I’d like to bounce a few ideas off you guys concerning successful marketing. I’m just getting started in HI and haven’t had much success at getting my name out there. To clarify I’ve gotten my name out there but I can’t get the phone to ring. I’ve tried office visits but found the offices to be literal ghost towns. I’ve gone to a few sales meetings but they averaged less than ten agents attending. I know alot of this is due the economy. The receptionists I stumble upon will take my materials (brochures and business cards) but I don’t know where they go from there.

My question is what has proved to be successful for you?

I have started to mail my materials to the respective real estate office and to individual agents’ attention. Has anyone had success with this?
I’ll try anything to get things going…

Any advice would be greatly appreciated :). Thanks very much…

BTW, if I was going into the biz new again, I wouldn’t go after agents, I’d go after sellers with Sellers are so easy to find.

Mark, check your PM, I sent you something.

Mark your time is best spent contacting realtors on Facebook. I just started two days ago and already booked a job. It’s the fastest way to get your name out to them without wasting a tank of gas. Ensure your face book profile sticks out. I have video testimonials on mine.

Mark check your private messages from me.

I am right there with you. I went after the sellers with 150 letter in my area, I got one call, called them back within an hour and they had already called someone else. (I was in a project meeting for another project).


Kenneth Townsend
Bradenton, Florida

Bill! :frowning:

That is one avenue, but I know you’re smarter than this. Two days does not make a sample size big enough to say that is the "best" use of ones time. Now, if you had been doing this for several months and booking several inspections a week from this alone, it may indeed be the “best” use of one’s time. :wink:

A lot depends on how involved people in your market are on facebook. I did notice many in ST Louis use it, that may not be the case everywhere.

Mark, put you website address in you signature here, it will help boost it’s rankings.


I am also in the same boat…My business seems to go in and out. One week I will have several Inspections and then nothing for 2 weeks. If any of the other members could give me some pointers too I would be greatful…Thanks

I was comparing driving around vs internet. To be honest all of you needs to face the hard truth. It’s all about location location location. Do you see Donald Trump setting up business in the woods? No he stays in very populated areas and IMO same goes for the HI business. Those in very populated areas are always going to do better than the those guys living in the woods. As for the best way to advertise in this business it’s simply time and word of mouth. The more inspections you do the more people is going to talk about you. The best thing you can do right now is use the internet and GOOGLE AD WORDS. I’ve made a good chunk of change off of Ad Words. Facebook is another great avenue seems like all the realtors in my area are on it. Now they know who I am. Since requesting friends I’ve had many visit my website and many have asked that I come talk to them. Will it land me work all the time who knows. Know one holds the crystal ball to business. You build a reputation and that’s when work starts flowing in till then you scrape by and you do what it takes to survive. To me that holds true with any new business.


I also just started out on this whole home inspection thing. I’ve gone to 8 different realtor offices this week so far. They all take the brochures and cards. When I ask to see the broker or office manager I’m told they are in meetings. Go figure. I think the inspectors they do buisness with are their regulars. When I went to the realtor’s I handed out nice size candy jars to them. I’m going to try to get some address’s of homes for sale in my area and mail out “Move in Certified” brochures to them. A good idea I think is to get insured & licensed and put that on your web site, brochures etc. I live in Wesley Chapel FL. I just need a occupational lic. & ins, but it still looks good in writing. People like to see that.


I was mostly just busting your chops a bit. :mrgreen:

IMO, you need to meet people somehow and market to them (keep your name in front of them) consistently. Weather it’s on-line, visits or joining networking groups, the more people who know you, like you and trust you, the better off you’ll be.

As Rick suggested, join networking groups and market to a wide variety of business professionals. If you rely on agent referrals to feed your family, you will become afraid to bite the hand that feeds you.

The only exception I have seen with this is when the home inspector has a top producing real estate agent in the family. They get an endless flow of work without worrying about getting dumped at the drop of a hat.

Many times experienced real estate agents start looking to develop new relationships with inspectors, because they felt the ones they had were ‘deal killers’. There are of course agents seeking the very best in services for their clients. These agents are true professionals but are also a rare breed.

If we could only look into the magic crystal ball. I am currently on my 9th. month in business and have found realtors are not the way to go. They have one thing in mind…themselves…now dont get me wrong not all are out of the same mold…but most are. So I added a service that bankers are having a ball with…its a start…get involved with your local chamber. I also have close ties with a military base that is getting me inspections. My moto is: STICK WITH IT… it will come in due time.

I agree with some of the posts above. When I first got into real estate inspections, I went to every real estate office within about 60 to 80 miles of my office. For me that was the fastest way to get my name out there and nine years later that is all I do. In nine years I have only did this 3 to 4 times. For me it works so I say give it a try. Make sure you come up with something that’s professional made to hand out, flyers, cards, whatever it is! I am working on some other ideas now, but I feel this is the quickest way to get your name in front of them. I have over 50 realtors that have been using me for the last 6 to 8 years so I feel it works!

I think the internet is the future. Right now I have to rely on some agents . I have only been in business for 2 years. I hope once I become more established I can step away from them completely. First get your website ranked. Try using Home Inspector Pro website hosting Dominic will help you with that for sure he is a genius. Also try doind e-mail newsletter once a month to agents and clients it keeps you name on their mind. I think that nick has a good Idea with the move in certified. I am just thinking of how you would contact the seller. Just knock on the door or send them a mailing.

Join active rain and blog once a week

Newsletters are a great marketing tool. If you don’t stay in touch with your past customers, they will forget who you are. Guaranteed.

Mine has worked out ok . I am building my list. I go out to open house on sundays and talk to agents and then ask them if I could add them to my list. I also ask every agent at each inspection if I can add them. As for going after sellers. I tried that before with a nachi supplied list I must have sent out 200 letters and I did not get one response I still think it is agood Idea and I am going to take a second look at it. But for now until maybe next year agents have been giving me a good chunk. I have used active rain and I must have signed up at least 60 agents to my mailing list I have scored a few jobs.