Has anyone heard of breakers that allow double tapping?

I agree with you what I’m talking about are those homeowners that don’t want to buy a new panel so they turn every single breaker into a double tap to save them money and overload their panel.

No. Pulled them from Google Images, so I can’t legally “give” you authorization to use them. Sorry.

That’s completely different than connecting two conductors/circuits to a breaker, such as many Square D’s, that are designed and approved for Two conductors.

Ok you obviously are looking for an argument but you’re not getting it for from me. If square D approved every breaker to have two wires attached then please show me a panel that has EVERY breaker with two wires. Please go elsewhere for an argument your obviously the most knowledgeable inspector on them planet ! :roll_eyes:

For the entire panel?

Oh I misunderstood I thought you were when you started your first post saying “So let’s get one thing straight”. Followed by untrue and misleading statements.

I was only trying to educate you.


I appreciate your trying but you should read what I posted closer before you tell me I’m wrong because I’m not.

What’s untrue and misleading ? Please educate me ? Your something else !

Lighten up, Scott. Christopher is one of the good guys here. :grin:

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With the exception of individual branch circuits you could have two conductors landed on each branch circuit breaker. Now if someone removed half the original CB’s and doubled up the conductors on the remaining CB’s that would be a problem.

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Robert that’s exactly what I was talking about thanks for clarifying. Thanks for the professional reply unlike some other responses in this forum.

Kinda like the one YOU just made??


Landing 2- 20 amp separate circuits on 1- 20 amp single pole breaker would just overload the breaker and cause a trip. A 20/20 tandem breaker would be the correct way to do this to allow the circuits to utilize all 20 amps that they are rated for. If both of the conductors are for the same circuit it is better practice to splice them together in the panel and run one wire under the breaker.

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