Has anyone seen this before?

This was a brand new house, appears to be some sort of copper manifold system, one of the questions I have is,I did not see a expansion tank, is that reguired? what would be the purpose of this? no pressure drop maybee


Hi Aaron,

Simple manifold system sold at many locations including hardware stores. Without shutoffs on each line there is no zone control but it does simplify installation. That is probably the reason is was used here.

An expansion tank is not required for the purpose of the manifold system although it may be needed for reasons for others reasons independant of the manifold. (ie backflow preventer, closed loop, etc)

The PEX lines look like they may be a little too close to the flue in the picture so I would check that.

What is the small white line coming off at the shut off valve?

my guess is a means of draining the line between the h2O heater and the main shutoff for the home in the event service is necessary.

Thank you everyone for the help, This place sure is good to ask questions on and get quick answers. Last time, someone even called me to help determine the age of a furnace. Thanks again