Bullied by realtor

Has anyone been told by a realtor that you are going to “piss people off” if you keep asking for them to sign the pre inspection agreement? We just started our home inspection business and our insurance requires we have a pre inspection agreement and obviously it’s just smart business right?

She says she’s never heard of any of the established companies in town asking to have anything signed. She didn’t even understand what it was and this lady has been a realtor FOREVER. We are in Idaho which I don’t think makes a difference.

This lady gives me no info prior to inspection, it’s driving me nuts. I don’t know the client’s name, when to expect payment, nothing! She’s the only realtor giving us business thus far though so I don’t want to make her mad but I’m at a loss with her attitude and opinion of the pre inspection contract.

Grow some ba lls.
You are the pilot in command.
You be the leader and they will follow.

Another REA trying to run you, and your business. They do it with state HI licensing. Get used to it. I suggest you find another competent, professional REA to work with.


Most know nothing about a structure and the components therein…Hence why would you even give a rat a ss?
Well! If you are givin’ soft reports then I understand.
I would never do that for anyone for any amount of money. Yep!
Call it like you see it! No matter who it harms.
And you will always be the winner!
I’ve never cared who I’ve piss ed off…And you know something? They will always come back for more.
More what? Honesty! Yep!
That’s how to run an inspection business with Honesty…

Well I am a woman so I can’t really take every word of your advice but I did email that realtor and let her know what’s up.

Anyone not wanting to sign the agreement is a huge red flag!

:shock: Well Roy what was that about growing something or other. :mrgreen:

Don’t mind Roy he is harmless.

You do need to have an agreement.

Just ask her for their e-mail and send an e-mail to your new clients and leave her out of this step, that’s what I do when a realtor sets up an inspection for someone

It sounds like your working for her and not the buyer. Or at least that’s how she wants it. I have yet to not know the clients name and for them to be aware when payment was due in over 10 years as an inspector.

Also I have never started an inspection without a signed agreement, luckily for me that is a requirement in Illinois, a licensed state.

Don’t ask. Tell. Polite, but firm.

“It’s our business policy, it’s not an option. I’m sure that you don’t list properties without having a signed listing agreement. I cannot schedule the appointment until I have the client’s contact information. I can only discuss the inspection findings and share the report with you AFTER I have signed permission from the client - that’s part of the service agreement that I need them to sign…”


Realtors love the newbies. She has you right where she wants you. She is trying to mold you into the home inspector she always wanted. Nice and soft so she sells every home.
Like the others have said, you need to put a stop to it before she starts hating you and spreads the word.
If you believe that the other established companies are not doing a pre inspection agreement call and ask a couple. I guarantee you they are. No company if going to walk into an inspection without one. You might as well have your lawyer on speed dial.

Fixed… (because you are Canadian)…** Eh**!?!

I believe you’re right. She already gets annoyed with me when I call to confirm ANYTHING! The first inspection we did for her she never even sent me the address so I texted her the morning of and she got annoyed so I had to remind her I am not a mind reader and can’t guess the location of the property. She neglected to give me the location or the client’s name.

I sent her an email letting her know that she needs to provide me with the client’s email because I am not doing an inspection or releasing the report without a signed agreement. She knows she intimidates me I’m sure but I can’t help that I’m not rude and harsh like her.

Thanks for all your advice everyone. I hate being a newbie!

She sounds like an agent that you would be better off not working with.

Be patient, there are plenty of good agents out there that are professional and will work with you, to ensure the best for the client.


You can also send her this from InterNACHI’s Code of Ethics for Home Inspectors.

First do you have a Nick Name?
Anytime someone contacts me I tell them to text me Name, E mail and repeat Inspection address.
Make that habit and request forcefully. Nobody will ask why.

Lets get to bottom line real quick.

  1. The Bank don’t loan money without the clients info, signed loan papers, etc.
  2. The appraiser don’t go generating an appraisal without info;
  3. If the client get a warranty they need buyers info;
  4. Title company needs client & house info;
  5. The insurance company insuring the house needs buyers info;
  6. The REA that listed OR sold the house required the buyer / seller / house / etc info;

So like Chuck said … Don’t ask. Politely Tell her How Its Gonna Be.

“I can’t schedule the appointment until I have the client’s contact information. I only discuss the inspection findings and share the report with others AFTER I have signed permission from the client - that’s part of the service agreement that I need them to sign…”

AND you need to know if the buyers will be at site SO you get paid, etc. IF they won’t be there GET $$$$ and agreement up front. This is a business … NOT a hobby.

One other thing … Explain that IF something went wrong AND you don’t have a signed agreement, etc YOU got NO insurance SO if something ever went SOUTH, its MOST likely the REA and her COMPANY would be sued CAUSE you AIN’t got insurance.

Consider referring to your “Pre-Inspection Agreement” as your “Contract”. People understand the term “Contract” (as that is actually what it is)… and are suspicious of words like “Agreement”.