Here comes the fuzz

I thought I would share my early week inspection.

I had an inspection that was about 40 miles from my home on Monday.

I arrived at the home, noticed a car in the drive and knocked on the door.
There was no answer so I proceded to do the exterior until my client showed up.

My client arrives at the scheduled time. I asked him if the realtor will be here to let us in. He says he called on Friday but has not received a call back.
It was Monday so I called both agents and then the listing office.

I was told by the office that there is an old lady in the house and she called the cops as she was scared.:roll:

So up pulls the local cop and I have to prove verification. He goes in the house and then just leaves.

I was only able to do the outside. I rescheduled the interior for the next morning.

The next day we start and the realtor shows up apologizing. I only charged her gas money and I thought I was very generous (Or stupid depending how you look at it)

It took her 15 minutes to obtain the lock box code so we could get in.

The thing that makes me shake my head is our client referred a friend to this realtor.

I am sorry, If a realtor cant arrange a simple home inspection or return a call. I would not be recommending them.

Just thought I would share.

LOL, yes it is sad. Have you ever had a client or realtor give you the wrong address and the cops come with guns drawn?

This was a foreclosure inspection and there were several on the street. Using the address the client gave me I began my inspection (on the wrong house).

No realtor showed, no client showed so I start my outside inspection. I’m in the backyard under the deck on my hands and knees and I hear “hold it right there sir”. I turn around and look at the GLOCK pointed at me. Boys my diaper just filled.

As I explain myself to the occifer in the front driveway I see the realtor and client arrive at the house, 3 houses up the road. Man was I pissed. I almost didn’t do the inspection for them, I left the inspection with a few choice words to the agent. Sadly she hasn’t called back!! :eek:

Thanks for sharing your experience. This job does present some unique situations.

David, I’ve had a few similar experiences . . . but at the same time the realtor may have had a really bad day, the other day by cell phone dropped on the floor . . . everything goes everywhere, put things back together and the rest of the day goes fine . . . about 5-6 hours later I go to make a call and the phone doesn’t work . . . I forgot to turn the thing back on after I put it back together (about 10 missed calls) . . . found realtors have similar days . . . but I’m thankful no cops have shown up yet with guns drawn, hope it never happens, I don’t want to fill my pants . . . good luck and I recommend giving the agent another chance.

I already have. She paid me for my gas and she may use me as I showed patience and looked out for the best interest for are mutual client.

One other time on an inspection the agent didnt show up. Turns out she totaled her car.

:shock: Wow . . . does she have a 13 hung around her neck or something?

I did an inspection in a very expensive neighborhood, a while back. Large house (7,500SF). I showed up early, as I usually do, and rang the front door to introduce my self and ask about proceeding with the exterior. No answer.

I proceed to do the exterior and get my ladder for the roof. I am halfway doen the ladder and I hear, “Hold it right there! No come down slowly with your hands up!”. I come down, but use my hands on the ladder.

The officer then proceeds to pat me down and pulls my moisture meter out of my pocket and is interested in the pins. He thinks it’s some sort of a tazer or something.

This is why I ALWAYS wear my NACHI id and my license clipped to my collar. I explain that I am a State Licensed home inspector and I am doing an inspection and all that. Seems that a nosy neighbor (the good kind, in my opinion) called the cops.

I spend about 5 minutes and the officer checks on my credentials. Then the Realtor shows up and backs my story up.

I explain to the officer, “Yeah, the 6’8” guy in the bright orange shirt is a stelthy burgler." The Officer then cracks up and tells me, “Yeah, you have a point there.”

All worked out fine.

I now have embroidered on the back of my shirt, “Don’t Shoot! I’m just a home inspector.” <-- Joke.

Let’s be careful out there :mrgreen:

Will, great idea, now, how can you market it? :mrgreen:

“Don’t Shoot! I’m just a home inspector, and the next one may be even worse!”


You have done many ride alongs with me. If they shoot me, you are resonsible for the inspection. :wink:

And you would not be ‘worse’. You are just as anal retentive (maybe more so) that I am in report writing.

It’s so NICE when the student really challanges the teacher!

How’s that for a referral! :mrgreen:

Ride alongs are a good thing. If the “old Farts” die during the inspection, the ride-along guys can always take over.

It’s about serving the client! :mrgreen:

Plus, the guy in the ICU doesn’t have to spend the afternoon writing the freakin’ report :shock:

Hope this helps;