Have You Actually Seen Chimney Kickout Flashing In The Field?

The text has an article on the importance of Chimney Kickout Flashing.

When I searched Google Images, I didn’t see a single result that shows kickout flashing used on a chimney.

Have any of you seen kickout flashing in use on a chimney?

Rarely ever see them. I live in a community of essentially tract houses built in the 60s. Practically every house has a 2 level roof in the front, no kickouts. In fact if they had kickout flashing it would divert a torrent of water right over the entry door. No thanks. I would only recommend if it looked like it would actually benefit the home, its not always needed or a good idea.

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One side of the chimney had kick out flashing I didn’t photograph it, it was not a defect. The other side of the chimney had a bent up kick out flashing. This was from an inspection last week.


Or the unseen damage like this one;


The siding material was heavily damaged from where that kick out flashing was bent down all the way to the ground. Nice photograph Marcel.

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Run into kick-out diverters every now and then.


Hope you didn’t get cut. LOL!

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Chimney flashing, of any type, is typically not installed in this area. This chimney kickout flashing was unusual, that’s why I remembered it.

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John Paul, does your area experience much rain or snow?

Hi Saman,
No, it is a desert climate. The mountains have double to triple the annual city rainfall, depending on the altitude.

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