Missing kick out flashing damage

In case anyone ever wondered about the importance of a kick out flashing???
Here is a great example. It took years, but the water ran down the wall and behind the shutter until finally it rotted through the clapboard siding.
This house was built around 1900 and the only area of siding damage was below where a kick out flashing should’ve been. Yes some of the window sills were rotted, but overall for a house this age the exterior was in relatively good shape.


Great pics Rob, missing kick-out flashing is very common in my area.

Wow, that’s crazy they let it go on so long. Sometimes below freezing temperatures give great demonstration pieces as well.

(sorry for photo rotation, tried a few things and still got the same result)

The Seattle area is basically a rainforest and I only see kick out flashing installed on maybe 40% of the homes. It’s such a cheap easy installation too.

New or Pre-Owned … In my area when I see a real kickout flashing you know there has been leakage AND a repair BECAUSE its not seen otherwise

Funny how that works…had a stucco house (1996) last week where they had to open up the wall (2009) and replace sheathing from a missing/ way undersized kick out flashing and yet they did nothing to the exact same RTW intersection 20 feet away on the other side of dining room windows, guess what I found lol

Here’s a good example. This home was only 11 years old and in a sub-division with a total of 52 homes. All had the same problem.

DSCN0036 (Small).JPG

DSCN0033 (Small).JPG

I remember those when you first posted them, Peter.
About the best example, you can have, for a missing kick-out.

Yes, back in 2009 or 2010. I think we got 3 or 4 jobs on the same street. Probable could have stayed in there for a solid year if I knocked on doors but that kind of work gets old real quick.