Have You Ever Done Business With


Did you get any results?

If I search here John for Phoenix Home Inspector, they do not show up on the first page. How do they show up in your area?

John, you may want to talk with Nachi member Brian Sumpter of http://www.firstcallinspections.com/index.html.

He provided information an the “What is an Inspection?” page http://www.inspectorlinks.com/home_inspections_information.php

Personally, I have not used them.

Hi John,

I had free ads on their site for years and never received an inspection from them. I think the site was ranked poorly.

I got the same email a few times recently that you just received, personally I would not spend the money for a paid ad.

Now if they had a site ranked like yours I would…:smiley:

I had the free ad also, without any results, they recently stopped doing that, now they want $50 a month. I don’t think so.

OK… that is what I figured, but I thought I would see what you guys had to say.

I got in early with inspectionzone.com a while back and my statewide ad
has really paid for itself there. If you guys run across a good site, just
let me know and I will do the same… :slight_smile: