Problems with

I have advertised for years with home inspection directory and have had decent results.

Well I just renewed a few weeks ago,went to check on the site and my ad is not showing! Matter of fact not one paid ad is showing for the entire directory. Only free listings and Google ads.

I contacted Sean Pecor the owner several times with no response. Anyone else advertise on this directory? Surely there are. If so check your paid ad (as none are showing) and maybe try to contact this Sean guy. Or maybe as a group we can contact him.


Mine worksFourth state listing, decent results for me as well.

…spoke too soon, it seems random cities in PA have no listings. Of course it had to be one of the best areas; Scranton!

Very hard to communicate with Sean or anyone else there, ad rules have changed, errors, no info etc. Site shows up well, too bad no one is managing it professionally.

Ditto on communicating with Sean. I am happy with the service, but I had an occasion where I needed him to respond to an issue I was having, and I had to track him down on a totally unrelated blog of his before he responded.

I feel Sean or whomever should refund our money then for those of us who paid for advertisement.

He can make it a free directory or whatever just give us our money back!

Ray Thoroman
Superior Home Inspections

They’ve been working on a complete remodel of the site, maybe that has something to do with it. My #2 state wide listing is up and running:

I have had the same problems getting them to respond with answers to my questions, therefore I did not renew. It’s funny, whenever I tried to contact them, no response, however, when the subscription came up for renewal, I sure did get plenty of correspondence.

I can see the site has been remodeled. My # 2 state listing is fine.

The only thing I can find is the free listings, and that is in all states!

I just checked again and mine is still OK. Perhaps they have an intermittant issue?

Hey Ron, I just checked again, and your company comes up under Plano,Tx as the 5 free site. No mention of any featured listings.

I am usually the #1 featured in Kansas, but now I’m only listed under the free stuff. I sent two emails to Sean@digitalspinner, but haven’t heard back yet. Anybody have any other email addresses for him? I don’t mind being a pain in the rear.

Don’t pay too much for advertising on that site:


I do show you as the #1 and only featured site for Kansas and # 1 for any city in Kansas and then the free listings are below you. This is with IE6 and Firefox both. I still show me as #2 for any city in Texas or the state listing. I have no clue as to why you and I get different results.

Pretty weird! I get only free info for all states. I have IE6 as well. I get 2-3 inspections a month from this site, and I have for 3 years.

Sean contacted me today here is the email addressed he used.

Sean Pecor


I tried again from another computer and everything is still showing OK. Try clearing your browser cache. You may have cached pages from a time when they were doing some maintenance and had no featured listings showing.

I received an email today from this co. trying to sell me the position I already paid for…:shock:

I range from 30-40 click throughs to my site from multiple inspectionzone websites each month. It’s trackable through your webstats program… $75.00 per year for #2 state wide listing is a slam dunk. I’ve received dozens of inspections from their sites over the past two years.

Still the same at only showing FREE listings not PAID listings, I even checked several other states.

Sad thing is I did get several leads a year from these guys and never had a issue until now. They have good Google page rankings for certain keyword home inspection related terms is the reason I list with them. Still not right to take our money and not display our PAID ads. They even sent out a general email today telling me about open ad spots!Still no response to my last email I have a few more email addresses: - This guy Norm replied to one email, claims he works with Sean?

Ray Thoroman
Superior Home Inspections