Have you raised prices because of gas?

Have you? Are you?

Lets say average inspection is 70 miles roundtrip. (for Joe, you have to add on another 30 miles for his driveway ) These numbers are close to my actual numbers:

Inspection mobile gets avg of 22mpg
Thats 3.2 gallons per job avg.

At $3.30 per gallon thats $10.56 per job avg.
At $2.00 per gallon thats $6.40 per job avg.

Thats an increase of $4.16 per job as compared to the dream price of $2/gal.

Yes that is lost money but I have seen some guy’s talking about adding on $25 to $30 for gas.

Just because it went up five bucks per job you charge the client $25+?

I’m all for raising prices thats for sure, but not just because of gas prices.

The problem is with the low cost easy inspection guy’s that only work within 15 miles of their house and do any age, crawlspace house for $250 to keep their agents happy.

Thats whats costing us real money, not the gas.

If you want to cover the cost of gas, use the power of the 9"s. You can raise your price by $4.99 or $14.99 and most people will not even notice. I have to admit, Russell, you were right on this one.

I agree with Bruce. Its not the price of gas.