Lower Prices

There was a lot of discussion earlier this year about raising prices because of gas prices ($3 to $4 a gallon) or adding a surcharge. I’m getting ready to adjust my price and I’m thinking should I lower it now that gas is at $1.50.


Your buisness, your prices. :mrgreen:

Are you getting any valid comments that your prices are too high? If so did you compare your certifications, range of services, and prices to your competition?
If you are good at what you do, most people will pay the higher price.

Experience has taught me that there’s a niche for everyone in our business, lowballers and high flyers. I certainly wouldn’t lower my fees based on the fluctuating price of gasoline. Experience has also taught me, that lawsuits are pretty much a numbers game. Convinced that this is certainly true in California where I do business, I decided several years ago that I would rather do one inspection a day for six-hundred than two a day for three, and I’ve never regtretted that. I sell my service based on its quality, and will always go the “extra mile” with specilaized instruments, etc. Agents never tout me as being “cheap.” In fact, I did an inspection this week on a residence that listed for twenty-two million and, no, I won’t state publically what I charged for it, but I did take the following day off to go sight-seeing with the love-of-my -life in my old XKE Jag.

don’t lower your prices

good for you!

Leave your price alone . . . nothing has gone down here even with falling gas costs . . . as a matter of fact, everything seems to have gone up, up, up . . . but so far, I’ve seen nothing in others businesses the price of service come down.

Off subject, the cruise lines have now dropped fuel surcharges, but they seem to have raised the cost to cruise with them from about a year ago . . . go figure:roll:

Your utilities will be the next to increase; water, electric, even cable. Keep your prices high. It is easy to go lower, but hard to raise. Keep them where you have them now.